Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wedding plans...

So I have resolved not to use my facebook status as a running commentary on wedding planning... so I thought a new blog was in order! A little background on the title: Drexel assigns IDs addresses using your initials and a few numbers. It just so happens that the only difference between my ID and JB's ID is the last name initial "J_328".

Here's a quick run-down to get caught up-to-date on the plans:
12/26/2009 - The Proposal... and the eventual answer :-)
1/9/2010 - Lehigh Valley Bridal Expo... I even let someone put makeup on my face and didn't passout!
(somewhere in here we started putting together lists of relatives and friends... although Mom had started earlier)
1/16/2010 - This day was a whirl-wind day. We saw the Massonic Temple at 9am and met with the chef. We were penciled in the book for a tentative date. Then we went over to the church and met with the Pastor who had a list of questions and such for us. He scheduled us in for the date we had discussed at the hall. And there it was, we had a date, a church, and a hall for the reception. All in one morning! *Phew*
1/28/2010 - Discussed our list of priests over a lovely dinner at Maggiano's thanks to Aunt Ceil!
1/30/2010 - Went to Mass at St. Columbkill in Boyertown and talked to the priest afterward about being the presider for our wedding Mass (he will also be helping us with our Catholic marriage prep and paper work)... he said yes... YAY!

And that's about where we are now.