Friday, May 21, 2010

The Date...

Apparently I never actually mentioned the selected date, I merely stated that we had set a date. The ticker at the top of the page is counting down to 05.28.2011!

How I asked the ladies...

One Friday evening, a few ladies from the 11:30 choir and I invaded Build-a-Bear at the King of Prussia mall. We picked out animals suited to each of the ladies I would be asking to be bridesmaids. I got to stuff them and put a heart in each one. Each of the "creatures" got a fancy dress which included a purse and necklace, silver heels, and a flower bouquet. We had fun evening... and Baby K even got a froggy. Unfortunately, the B-a-B lady told me that "moose is seasonal". So, I had to pick an alternate animal for one of the ladies. Later I found out that I could get a moose through the online store. So the pictures of all of the "creatures" are missing the girl moose :-(... but she's featured in her own picture.

Thanks to Beth, Amanda, Shannon, JB, and Baby K for a fun evening at the mall!

I also made cards to go with the "creatures". You can't really tell in the picture, but the layer with the embossed dress stands off of the rest of the card with some foam squares.

Here are some pictures of the prep process...

Coming soon... The Ladies!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dress Shopping... take 3

This weekend we went to All Things Bridal in Quakertown. I had a bit of trouble finding it after discovering that the street was closed for Quakertown Day. Somehow I ended up in the 300 block of E. Broad instead of W. Broad. 318 E. Broad doesn't appear to exist.

Anyway, I found this place through pictures on Project Wedding. The lady was wonderfully helpful. This appointment went the way I imagined wedding dress shopping would be. I had a few ideas of dresses I wanted to look at based on the pics I had seen online. Based on some questions she asked me and my responses to dresses I tried on, she selected other dresses for me to try. I tried on quite a few dresses and again narrowed the choices to a top 3. She showed me some options for making strapless styles less strapless. She had some really neat solutions to the strapless concern.

The top 3 are all very different... I don't know quite where to start on the decision matrix... ok, perhaps I should abandon the decision matrix idea. So, now I really need to convince Dad to come with me to look at dresses.

While we were there, we also looked through the rack of bridesmaid dress styles. V, Julia, and I each found a few styles we liked. I don't think we took any notes on these though; it was more like window browsing. On the bridesmaid topic, watch for posts coming soon... I have spoken with all 5 ladies. I just need to find a few more minutes to write the posts!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dress Shopping... take 2

Dress Shopping - part II was a much better experience than part I! This weekend we (Mom, V, JB's Mom, JB's younger sis, and I) went to Jon's Bridal in Allentown to look at some dresses. They had chairs for the peanut gallery, someone to help put on/take off the dresses, and they actually paid attention to us and didn't scoff at my commentary. After trying on about 20 dresses, Roxy (the lovely lady who helped me... and listened to my commentary) had me re-try the "maybe" ones to narrow the choices down to a top 3. Since then, I have actually narrowed it to a top 2 to look at when I go back to reconsider.

The peanut gallery enjoyed mimosas during the parade of dresses. While they obviously had opinions, they didn't really share many thoughts loud enough for me to hear them.

Overall, this was a successful trip. I tried on some dresses that previously would have fallen into the "won't consider" list and actually ended up liking them. Note to self, revise the "absolutely not" list before next weekend's appointment. Now I just have to convince Dad to come back to the store to see the dresses. He's always been my go-to person for what to wear for dressy occasions. (For prom, I bought two dresses to take home to show him and returned the one he didn't like. :-) The one I kept has been very useful over the last.... __ *cringe* number of years.)