Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dress Shopping... take 1

First stop: David's Bridal - 2/28/2010
Accompanied by Mom, JB's Mom, and MoH
Outcome: innnnnnteresting...

The store was very crowded and they weren't particularly friendly to put it nicely. JB's mom's request for a chair certainly seemed reasonable to me! The lady didn't seem to appreciate my responses/commentary on the dresses. The first one was too low cut... I could see way too much when I looked down. The straight dress was kinda pretty but too straight... won't twirl nicely when I polka. What?... yes, I said polka, thank you very much.

Skip forward, I can't exactly remember the order... one of the dresses was SUPER itchy. Itchy is not my style! There were two more with standout commentary (again, not appreciated by the store lady). One dress had a very pretty top, even though it was strapless but the bottom looked like it had bulldog jowls. Apparently this is some French style. It was a lot of dress and I felt the need to smooth it out.
And I'll leave you with my last comment gem... my impression on this dress was "I feel like I'm wearing a lotus flower."

My Mom has been privy to my absurd clothes shopping expeditions for most of my life... JB's Mom probably thinks I'm a total nut case.

Conclusion: I didn't get to try on all of the dresses that I had marked in the magazine but I wasn't really impressed with what I did try on. The material of the "bulldog dress" felt nice... most of the other dresses didn't seem to have such nice material. So, I got some ideas as far as what I like/don't like.

Aside: We got to wittness a real live bridezilla who was apparently picking up the dress she had ordered and now thought it didn't fit. She had a meltdown complete with tears and a little scene about how she'd wake up on her wedding day and not want to put on that dress and then there would be no wedding. Sorry honey, I think you have your priorities mixed up! Don't get me wrong, I want to find a nice dress and not just settle on the first one I try on but I couldn't even imagine letting a dress be the stopping factor in a wedding!!!