Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Junior Bridesmaid and a Flower Girl

This post is long overdue! I posted it as draft and it got buried under a list of other posts. This one dates back to June 20th.

In keeping with the way I asked my bridesmaids, I paid the Build-A-Bear shop another visit. This time I went with Mom and Veronica. We picked out creatures and outfits. I have chosen to ask JB's older niece "Francie" to be a junior-bridesmaid and his middle niece "Sally" to be flowergirl. (those are their blog-pseudonymns)

I really wanted to build a pony for "Francie" but when I picked up the B-a-B pony, we thought it looked possessed. Since it was kinda creepy looking, I decided that I'd build her a tiger instead. All three of us liked that one... it was Veronica's first choice. The tiger's outfit matches the color of the dresses that the bridesmaids' creatures are wearing.

We picked the creature for "Sally" because it is cute and girly... just like her. Her creature is wearing a top with flowers sewn on the front.

The girls both seemed pretty excited when I asked them. I'm thinking they were excited more about the creatures than the whole being in the wedding deal. Anyway, I'm glad that they will be joining us in the wedding party.

... and the lovely ladies...

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Aimee said...

hey, those kids look familiar . . . ;)