Monday, August 16, 2010


We went to the reception hall for a food tasting this weekend. I wasn't really prepared for how it unfolded but we got to see a lot! Jon gave us a whole box of food to take home to taste. He said we'd be able to see how the hall was set up. I figured he'd let us take a look from the kitchen door. Instead, he took us up to the balcony. We could certainly get a good look at the set-up... but everyone at the reception could see us up there. Anyway, once we went back into the mansion part (out of view of the wedding guests) we got to talk about a bunch of ideas with him and his mom (who used to run the place).

He said we could come by any weekend we're around to see how the hall is set-up... we may just take him up on that offer next weekend!

Next weekend is Pre-Cana class... should be interesting. I've heard mixed reviews about these classes.

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